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>> Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll have what he's having.

The H
angover's funny man Bradley Cooper (also starring in The Hangover: Part 2 this summer) stars in Limitless as Eddie Morra, a man who proves that taking drugs can help you be a successful politician. So what's the magical pill itslelf? It's an experimental drug that only lasts for a half a day or so, but when it works - it really works. It works well enough as a 'brain enhancer' that people would kill for it. In fact, some do. What the concept of a film like Limitless proves is that the pen is truly mightier than the sword - except in this case the pen doesn't quite replace the sword as much as it teaches you how to wield it in a really kick ass kinda way.

starts off being narrated by Morra, pointing out he is a writer, a loser and a lousy boyfriend. Morra no sooner loses his girlfriend than he finds himself in trouble because the book he's optioned has no single word to it's name and is due in the worst way. However, once he gets hold of the miracle drug to end all miracle drugs (100% of your brain is apparently used vs. the usual 20%) he gets a haircut, does a sit-up or two and writes his entire book in just four days. Morra then proceeds to get his girlfriend Lindy back (played by the unremarkable Abbie Cornish) and before he knows it he's on top of the world. Unexpectedly, however, he starts forgetting entire sections of his day, can't sleep right and is soon reliant on the drug that originally saved him. Not only that, but Morra has a few bad seeds after him and comes to realize that getting smart may not have been the smartest thing to do after all.

Now, aside from the few nausea-inducing transitions and opening title sequences Limitless threw at us that had me looking away a few times, I actually really liked the way the movie played out and the talent Cooper showcased by taking this role. The whole thing made me want to read a book, enhance my intelligence and play the stock markets. In theory, if you're smart enough, you can rule the world. It's all about predictable human psychology and behaviour - if a person knows people and how they act and maybe has a few start-up dollars, then there's no reason you can't become more powerful then you've ever imagined. To quote Morra 'I was blind but now I see". As you may expect, Limitless also shells out a healthy dose of action that keeps you on your toes more often than not. It's all really fascinating to be honest and it's almost impossible to not have a good time during this flick.

snags an open door. You may find yourself often thinking of Matthew McConaughey in Two for the Money (2005) as McConaughey also had the same kind of look Cooper sports here, with slicked back hair and a hunger for fortune and success. But, while Two for the Money didn't have Robert De Niro (who plays Carl Van Loon in Limitless), it did have Al Pacino in the role of the old man who knows all - but despite De Niro's star power - Cooper steals the show and you're left thinking "Robert De Whosit? Which is a good thing in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr. did it, Jim Carrey tried to do it and Robin Williams - well, yeah... Either way, I look forward to seeing Cooper in Hangover 2 and I may just see him in just about anything else as well. You have a new fan, Mr. Cooper.

*Stills courtesy of Alliance Films


Miss Wickie May 7, 2011 at 9:42 AM  

Read a few of your reviews and agree mostly.

I've got to say though that this film is no where near as good as you give it credit for.

The "by the way everythings cool now" ending just ruins it.

Angry Charlie May 7, 2011 at 9:51 AM  

I actually agree with you about the ending. It could have perhaps used a little more zest to it.

Glad to see you agree with most of my reviews. As far as this film goes - is it the be all end all of good movies? Hell no, but I did enjoy it, even if it wasnt as awesome as I made it sound. Its hard sometimes to accurately describe a films enjoyment level.

But, mine is just one opinion of many - and what I like about what I do is seeing and hearing about how other people felt about the same movie. So, thank you for your comment! :-)

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