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TOY STORY 1&2 in 3-D (1995 & 1999)

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waaaay better than the illegal VHS copy I first saw ...

In a release that should have lasted more than 2 weeks, Woody and Buzz embark on a big screen retread in a beautifully done third dimension. Now, I won't get right into the details on the story, as I think most people are familiar with it by now. The general overall story line is based around the idea that our toys are alive, and when we aren't looking, they intereact and have arguments and play video games based on themselves. But I've never seen it like this.

The first time I watched Toy Story my 7th grade teacher was kind enough to make a copy of the movie from a VHS her friend had loaned to her, and then showed to us. Now, before DVDs, the first VHS I bought was my own, and I didn't get to see very many films, so I was grateful for anything - good quality, static, full screen, whatever. Toy Story 2 was seen on VHS as well - only a real copy this time. That was the last time I saw them (crica 2001) until I bought them on DVD in 2004. Then i was able to rewatch them as I pleased in wonderful digital widescreen. They were as I had remembered, and I loved it.

But it was never, ever, like this. After watching these films in digital 3-D, I rediscovered these films in a whole new way, unlike anything i had seen before. When I say that, and when I tell you this, I may be biased, as I now am comparing a viewing experience like digital 3-D to a copied VHS I had seen over a decade ago. But past that, compared to the DVD's even, there were textures and details that one would almost certainly miss upon any other form of viewing. This goes from the paint on the walls to the texture of Slinky Dog. Now, this is probably due more to the digital side of viewing this film, but the 3-D added that little extra pop.

I found myself watching this film, purposely losing the suspension of disbelief to break myself from the story and just appreciate the pure technical achievement that went into making the first fully CG animated film ever. And boy howdy was it brilliant. You could see the animators stepped up the game in Toy Story 2, adding more and more detail, definitely outdoing the first film, which they should have. I appreciate that, but not as much as the fact Toy Story was even just created and how well it was done. I wish I could only see everything and every movie in as much detail and wonder as I did in every frame of these movies. Mixed with that sense of complete rediscovery for an old favourite.

As afforementioned, it is a true shame they only ran this for two weeks. In the last two weeks last night was the first chance I found to run through this very open door. Even the intermission proved entertaining with a clock counting down the 10 minutes between films, and trivia and behind the scenes looks - wonderful, wonderful stuff. Not to mention the truly unique nature of this double your pleasure movie-going experience.

Now, Toy Story 3 comes out on June 18th, 2010, and I intend to be there to see it. And from the looks of the trailer, its going to be a good one, based on the premise of Andy growing up, set up nicely in the second one. For now, I've included the trailer for the third chapter of this magical series.

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*Still courtesy of Disney


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