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>> Sunday, May 1, 2011


As summer gets into full swing with a line-up of May movies, I have to say I'm a bit surprised. The point of this monthly post is to point out movies I don't think need to exist or only exist as some lame attempt to cash in on another studio's film. This May there's pretty much no movie I wouldn't mind checking out, but with my local theatre's increase in ticket prices ($10.10 to $11.50) I'm going to take advantage of 'This Month I Refuse To See...' and use it to make the tough decisions I need to save a couple bucks. Honestly, I almost refused no movie at all at this month because none look as awful as previous selections.

Thankfully, upon a second glance of the trailers for Something Borrowed and Bridesmaids, I decided we didn't need two wedding movies this month and have decided against the PG-13, undoubted eye-roll-athon Something Borrowed. While I like Kate Hudson and John Krasinski, the trailer reveals all about how the happy ending will come about. Something Borrowed looks not wholly unlike a mix of No Strings Attatched and He's Just Not That Into You.

As I mentioned, it's rated PG-13. To compare it to May's other wedding flick, Bridesmaids is rated R. Anything that has Kristen Wiig in it, looks like a female version of The Hangover AND is rated R looks like a winner either way. So really, when it comes down it - perhaps the best way to state why I'm even refusing to see a film this month is the same reason I always do. Even though Something Borrowed will undoubtedly have it's moments when it opens on May 6th, as usual - there's always something better to see.


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