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>> Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Besides my first post and introduction to this blog back in July of 2009, I've never spoken candidly on this blog until today. Normally I share all my intimate thoughts on my more personal blog (Don't Make Charlie Angry) and leave this blog to the purpose I intended it for - sharing my reviews of newer movies.

Unfortunately, what's happened in the past four to five months is I seemed to have pretty much stopped completely. After 114 written and video reviews it appears I've run out of the passion to review movies - or at least write about the films I see a couple times a week. That stated, I'm proud of what I've accomplished through this site but I'm still not sure where to take it.

I've thrown around lots of ideas and what it's come down to is this: I simply want to make it easier on myself to be excited about my blog and sharing my thoughts and opinions of movies in general. So, since I'm not sure where to start - I'll do the easiest thing possible.

If I feel like writing a review about a movie, I will. There are a lot of great movies out there and if you come (or were coming) to my site I don't want to take that away from you. But I don't always have the time or ambition to write was is essentially an essay outlining my likes and dislikes of any movie in particular. So, what I want to do in an effort to consistently update my site is start sharing others' reviews. I'm aware this is something similar to what Rotten Tomatoes does, but what's different is there are a lot of critics I watch on YouTube or read regularly that could never hope to be featured on such an exclusive site. So I want to start sharing them here.

As usual, I'll see the movie in question before I present a review for it. Whether it'll be my own review will be determined if I have anything else to say that wasn't covered in another's review (be it video or written). I may even review others' reviews and see how that goes. By doing things this way I hope to not only gain my passion for blogging again, but provide something a little different to those of you who are beginning to tire of the usual movie review sites.

So, with that, I'm moving forward and hopefully the change works for you! Please be patient with me for the next few months as I may seem all over the place, but I assure you - in the end Angry Charlie Reviews will be a better site for it.

Happy February!


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